Referring clinicians

Making a referral to our services can be completed in a variety of ways. Our preferred method is for the GP practice to use Choose and Book which not only provides the patient with a choice about their service location but also transfers information directly into our administration systems to help with the triage and appointment booking. 

We are happy however for fax referrals to be sent and this can be done using the number shown on the site specific flowcharts available from each location below.

Please use the referral forms supplied where possible as this will ensure that the patient meets the criteria for the service and will enable us to provide the correct clinical triage to ensure the patient receives the right investigation.  We will accept referral letters provided the information included in the letter is sufficient to make an appointment booking with the patient.

Within each site location you will find copies of the GP Briefing Notes, Referral Forms which can be downloaded, a flowchart to help with making referrals and a Frequently Asked Questions that you and your staff can use.

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